Damoose legislation would prioritize Michigan businesses

Damoose legislation would prioritize Michigan businesses

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. John Damoose on Tuesday introduced legislation as part of a bipartisan package to encourage the state to hire more Michigan businesses when taking bids for goods or services.

“In recent years, the Legislature has worked to approve numerous measures that support Michigan businesses and promote growth in our state,” said Damoose, R-Harbor Springs. “This is another great step forward and encourages a partnership between Michigan’s private and public sectors to keep more money moving through Michigan’s economy, rather than sending state tax dollars to out-of-state companies.”

Senate Bills 316 and 317 would encourage the Department of Technology, Management and Budget to secure contracts with Michigan-based businesses.

The legislation would give Michigan-headquartered businesses a seven-day window to resubmit a bid for a state contract if the lowest bidder is an out-of-state company. If the Michigan business rebids and the bid is lower than the out-of-state company’s original bid, the Michigan company would be awarded the contract. If two or more Michigan businesses resubmit their bid at a lower rate then, the lowest bidder will be awarded the contract.

“I will always push for good jobs and opportunities that strengthen Michigan’s economy,” said Sen. Kristen McDonald Rivet, D-Bay City. “We can give Michigan businesses this second chance to win state contracts while maintaining fair market competitiveness. This is a pro-Michigan plan at all levels — our employers, workers, and state taxpayers would all benefit.”

Damoose agreed, saying the primary goal is to support Michigan workers and prioritize the state’s economy over out-of-state jobs.

“Whether it is construction, repairs, procurement of goods to ensure public safety, or other supplies or services, the state of Michigan takes a number of bids to carry out the duties of state government and we should be doing the best we can to ensure more Michigan-based companies are awarded these contracts,” Damoose said. “This is a great bipartisan effort and a tremendous example of working together to support Michigan businesses and jobs in communities all over the state.”

The bills will now go to the Senate Committee on Regulatory Affairs for further consideration.



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