Damoose: MEDC ad campaign is not how we should promote Pure Michigan

Damoose: MEDC ad campaign is not how we should promote Pure Michigan

LANSING, Mich. — State Sen. John Damoose, R-Harbor Springs, issued the following statement Monday in response to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s advertisement campaign promoting abortion as a way to entice new residents:

“I have been a longtime supporter of MEDC because Michigan must do something to attract and retain businesses and draw in visitors and new residents.

“Unfortunately, instead of promoting the Pure Michigan we all know and love or focusing on how to strengthen our economy, MEDC recently announced a national ad campaign using abortion as a way to promote our state.

“Why MEDC would use taxpayer dollars to take a side on one of the most divisive issues of our time is beyond comprehension. Any good marketer knows that such an approach will alienate as many people as it attracts. Imagine the outrage if the MEDC had chosen to promote pro-life causes as a way to draw more people to the state. The attacks would be never-ending.

“I am traditionally known as one who does not play partisan politics and will vote for things that help grow Michigan for all of us — even when it costs me politically. My voting record proves that as fact. However, this ghastly use of taxpayer dollars goes way too far, and quite frankly, is outside of the scope of the agency. MEDC exists to spur economic development and growth, not pander to issues unrelated to growing our economy.

“Michigan is home to some of the most beautiful natural resources on the planet, and the Pure Michigan campaign did a tremendous job highlighting the beauty of our state as a whole and the unique experiences and various cultures from different regions. Instead of highlighting all the great things Michigan has to offer, this new ad campaign chooses pandering over progress.

“This advertisement does not represent the views of all Michiganders, and I will be working vigorously behind the scenes to get rid of this misguided PR campaign.

“It is truly disappointing how far we have fallen since our beautiful Pure Michigan campaigns. This is not how to promote what Michigan has to offer!”


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